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We are here year round with the freshest seafood Mother Nature has to offer!
Order online or call us, Hours 10 am - 6 pm Daily

(Summer hours vary depending on volume of fish for the day. We open at 8am and close when we are finished processing fish.
Please call by 8pm if you need further flexible assistance. 1-800-325-3877)

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Alaskan Seafood Selection from Alaska's Wild Seas

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Fresh Alaskan Crab can't be beat

The best hand-picked wild Alaskan Salmon

We sell and ship all species of Alaskan seafood

Alaskan Halibut
from Cook Inlet and the Gulf of Alaska

Fresh Halibut
   Regular Fillets


   Sweetheart Fillets $22.99/lb 
Halibut Stir Fry/Fish& Chips,  boneless, skinless bits $22.99/lb 
Smoked Halibut, A delicious golden brown $27.99/lb 

Wild Alaskan Salmon   Review Cart
Salmon Patties $4.99 each 
King Salmon - Troll Caught from Southeast Alaska  
   Fillets/Sweethearts $29.99/lb 
   Steaks $23.99/lb 
   Whole $17.99/lb 
Red Salmon - from Cook Inlet  
   Fillet $13.99/lb 
   Steaks $10.99/lb 
   Whole (minimum 5#) $10.99/lb 
Silver Salmon - from Cook Inlet  
   Fillet  $13.99/lb 
   Whole $10.99/lb 
Keta Salmon - from Cook Inlet  
   Fillet $10.99/lb 
Canned  Halibut OUT OF STOCK
w/herbs from the Cook Inlet
Canned Salmon, your choice, smoked or fresh from our very own Arctic Packing Company. ALL CANNED GOODS
   Fresh King Salmon OUT OF STOCK $15.99/can 
   Fresh Cook Inlet Red Salmon OUT OF STOCK $8.50/can 
   Fresh Cook Inlet Silver Salmon OUT OF STOCK $8.50/can 
   Fresh Cook Inlet Keta Salmon OUT OF STOCK $5.00/can 
   Canned Salmon Pet Seafood – Critter Cuisine
   Canned Halibut Pet Seafood – Critter Cuisine
   Canned Hearts and Livers Pet Seafood – Critter Cuisine
   Smoked King Salmon from Kalgin Island  OUT OF STOCK $21.99/can 
   Smoked Cook Inlet Red Salmon OUT OF STOCK $11.99/can 
   Smoked Cook Inlet Silver Salmon  OUT OF STOCK $11.99/can 
   Smoked Cook Inlet Keta/Pink Salmon OUT OF STOCK $9.99/can 
   Smoked King Salmon Bellies OUT OF STOCK $17.99/can 

Smoked Delicacies
Delicately flavored (specify lemon pepper or plain)
  Review Cart
   King Salmon Smoked Fillets $34.99/lb 
   Red Salmon Smoked Fillets $18.99/lb 
   Silver Salmon Smoked Fillets  $18.99/lb 
   Keta Salmon Smoked Fillets $15.99/lb 
   Smoked Squaw Candy     $36.99/lb 
   Smoked King Salmon Bellies $34.99/lb 
   Smoked Sea Scallops $34.99/lb 
   Smoked Halibut Fillets $27.99/lb 
   Smoked Black Cod $36.99/lb 
   SUZI’S SMOKY SALMON SPREAD, (8oz) $12.99 each   
   Coal Point's Famous Halibut Dip, (8oz) $13.99/lb 

Alaskan Crab
from the Bering Sea
  Review Cart
King Crab, as fresh as can be - delicious!
From F/V Time Bandit  Jumbo

Dungeness Crab, Whole  $13.99/lb 
Dungeness Crab, Clusters $16.99/lb 

Other Delicious Seafood
from Alaskan Waters
  Review Cart
Cook Inlet Giant Sea Scallops from the F/V Kilkenny
  Fresh Frozen
  Smoked Scallops
Razor Clams from Polly Creek 1 lb bag $17.99/lb 
Pristine Kachemak Bay Oysters
Shipped fresh “Live” in the shell (limited availability)
Pacific Cod   $10.99/lb 
Rockfish $15.99/lb 
Black Cod “butterfish” Taste it, you’ll see why!
 (see cooking info on blackcod) 
Cocktail Shrimp (cooked & peeled) $11.99/lb 
Sweet Side Stripe Shrimp $15.99/lb 
Spot Shrimp -From Pristine waters of Southeast Alaska
   Large $22.99/lb 
   Jumbo $24.99/lb 
   Colossal $26.99/lb 

Coal Point Gift Shop   Review Cart
Simple Pleasures Jellies 2 oz
Sitka Spruce Tip Jelly
  Sitka Rose Jelly

Spruce Tip $6.95

Rose $6.95
Alaska Wild Harvest Jam 3.75 oz
Wild Lingonberry Jam
  Wild Blueberry Jam

Lingonberry $7.95 

Blueberry $7.95 
Bridge Creek Birch Syrup
200ml $24.00 
100ml $13.50 
Claudia’s Cocktail Sauce (6oz.) $6.95 
Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar - Vermont’s Best! $9.95/lb 
Gourmet Fish Batter (8.5 oz.)
(Herb, Spicy, Coconut or Original)
Herb $9.50/bag 
Spicy $9.50/bag 
Coconut  $9.50/bag
Original $9.50/bag 
Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce (mild, hot, fiery) $5.75 Mild
$5.75 Hot
$5.75 Fiery
Alaska Sourdough Starter $2.95
Alaska Wild Teas – Tea for Two $2.95
Alaska Spice Company Just for the Halibut
Light Lemon Curry
  Spinach Florentine

Alaska Spice Company Teas 1 oz
Arctic Raspberry Black Tea
  St Elias Elderberry Blend
  Chena Springs Chai

Authentic Glass Fishing Floats (see Wikipedia info) $10.00 
Coal Point Logo Hats $20.00 
“Just for the Halibut” Hooded Sweatshirts $50.00 
T-Shirts  Short Sleeve Click HERE to see design for Sweatshirts & Tshirts $20.00  
T-Shirts  Long Sleeve $25.00  

Prices subject to change, depending on ground prices paid to fishermen. Since we cut our delicious seafood to order, we need 24 hour notice to then ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Fed Ex overnight delivery. Ship price determined by weight. See approximate cost below:

Federal Express
Overnight Shipping
(FedEx Prices subject to change!)
Anywhere In The USA
right to your door!

20# $109.99
30# $141.67
40# $177.15
50# $204.69
100#  $403.80
100# + $3.97/lb.


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