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Alaska seafoods in Homer, Alaska. Specializing in the highest quality Alaskan seafoods. halibut, smoked salmon, king salmon, red salmon, silver salmon, king crab, dungeness crab, scallops, shrimp and more


We are here year round with the freshest seafood Mother Nature has to offer!
Order online or call us, Hours 10 am - 6 pm Daily

(Summer hours vary depending on volume of fish for the day. We open at 8am and close when we are finished processing fish.
Please call by 8pm if you need further flexible assistance. 1-800-325-3877)

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Quality Custom Seafood Processing for Fishermen

Where Do We Take Our Fish To Be Frozen & Shipped?
“Catch only what you need leave the rest to breed!”


Fresh Alaskan Crab can't be beat

The best hand-picked wild Alaskan Salmon

We sell and ship all species of Alaskan seafood

We support sustainable fisheries. Our wild Alaskan salmon is certified to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard for sustainable and well-managed fisheries. We strive to tread gently on this earth. A portion of our proceeds go to preserve wildlife and fish habitats.

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Processing your Catch

Vacuum pack & freezing 1.10/lb     Halibut Filleting Vac pack/Freezing 1.10/lb
Flash freezing 1.35/lb Salmon/other
 Filleting / Vac pack / Freezing
Vacuum packing Only .90/lb Salmon/other
 Filleting / Vac pack / Blast Freezing
    Freezing Only .70/lb


Seafood Boxes
(Includes Packing)

Small 10-15# $16.00
Mini Medium 25# $20.00
Medium 35# $20.00
Large 50# $22.00


We will personally pick up your catch from your fishing vessel or charter office and deliver it to our facility were it will be custom cut and processed to meet your family’s needs.

You choose portioned packages in 1 lb, 1½ lb, 2 lb or full fillets or steaks, skin on or off. Then we will vacuum pack and freeze each individual package flat on trays for boxing, ready to ship or pick up for your home freezer.

for thawing your fish at home.
Take fish out of the vacuum pack bag and place the fish in a bowl then in a refrigerator to thaw.

For fishing charters while in Homer try:

Homer Charter Association
Alaska Charter Association
Homer Chamber of Commerce

Federal Express
Overnight Shipping
(FedEx Prices subject to change!)
Anywhere In The USA
right to your door!

20# $109.99
30# $141.67
40# $177.15
50# $204.59
100#  $403.80
100# + $3.97/lb.


(FedEx Prices subject to change!)
One 100# sport caught halibut yields approx. 50# of fillets.

50# (X $1.10Ea #)
Vacuum Pack & Freeze
1 Large Box $22.00
2 Gel Ice $3.50
Fed Ex Shipping
(Total Boxed Weight 59#)
Tax 10.50
Insurance 6.03
Total $338.86

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